Our Human Problems and Their Solution

While the student of Christian Science is doing his mental work in the endeavor to solve some difficult problem, he sometimes finds that his attention is so occupied with that particular problem that he omits to be grateful for the benefits he has already received; and, as a result of such an attitude of thought, discouragement is liable to make itself felt. This is more likely to be the case when the problem in question does not lend itself to a speedy solution, and long and earnest mental work is required before the realization dawns on the student's thought of the efficacy of the healing power of Truth to solve all human problems.

It is well to remember, however, that there is, indeed, much to be grateful for even when prolonged mental work is necessary in order to overcome the error which is deavoring to enslave us, whether this error be of the nature of sin, sickness, or some other form of evil. We are apt to forget that the mental effort put forth at any time to declare the truth is never left unrewarded; and though we may not succeed in solving immediately the particular problem which is occupying our attention, it is certain that in the meantime minor difficulties are being overcome.

"Love is at the helm of thought"
April 2, 1927

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