To qualify for service in a Christian Science church or society is surely the desire of every earnest student of Mrs. Eddy's teaching. In what better way could one express genuine gratitude than by taking an active part in the wonderful organization which, under divine guidance, she so wisely provided for the continuance and protection of her discovery? In the large majority of cases it is through one of the many branches of this organization that the truths of Christian Science are first brought to one's notice, healing one physically, maybe, and blessing one in ways too numerous to mention. And what is more natural than that we should look forward eagerly to the time when we, too, shall hear the call and feel ready to take our place in the ranks, thereby definitely associating ourselves with the Christian Science church, and indicating our willingness to serve in whatever direction we may be called upon?

There are few, if any, joys in life that can be compared with those which come from unselfishly sharing with others the blessings which have come to us through the study and practice of Christian Science; and in no way can we do this more wisely and usefully than through the channels our Leader so thoughtfully and prayerfully provided. That she considered such channels sufficient for every possible need is indicated in Article VIII, Section 15, of the Church Manual. Under the subtitle "Church Organizations Ample" she writes in part, "God requires our whole heart, and He supplies within the wide channels of The Mother Church dutiful and sufficient occupation for all its members." This By-law suggests an important point which every student will do well to ponder carefully, as failure to realize its importance may nullify his best efforts.

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