"Illimitable Love"

On page 4 of "Pulpit and Press" Mrs. Eddy writes these beautiful and inspiring words: "Wait patiently on illimitable Love, the lord and giver of Life. Reflect this Life, and with it cometh the full power of being." What a perfect picture these words bring before our eyes!

Webster defines "illimitable" as "incapable of being limited or bounded; immeasurable; limitless; boundless"—all attributes of the one infinite God, good. And in Mrs. Eddy's words we have the assurance that if we will but wait patiently and expectantly on this illimitable, measureless, boundless Love, "the full power of being" will be ours. What a goal to seek to attain! How wonderful is the thought of the illimitability of Love, the divine Principle, God! How it shows that in no way whatsoever can God be limited! Just think of trying to limit illimitability!

January 30, 1926

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