A recent issue of your paper contains a report of a lecture...


A recent issue of your paper contains a report of a lecture on "The Form and Color of Our Thoughts" in which the lecturer intimated that suggestion and Christian Science are one and the same. May I therefore ask space for a correction of this misrepresentation of Christian Science? When the lecturer starts from the point that thoughts have their origin in the gray mass which is believed to form the human brain, this utterance is enough to show that the lecturer's meaning about thoughts and suggestion is wholly different from the teaching of Christian Science. Christian Science starts with one perfect, unchangeable Principle, one cause, named God. Consequently, it must be admitted that there is only one effect or creation that always has been, and always will be, exactly like that cause. Christian Science, therefore, declares that the eternal facts of being, from which alone one can logically reason, are perfect cause or Principle, and perfect effect or existence.

What is called mortal existence is a false sense of existence, based on wrong thinking, and it expresses much that is erroneous, together with a great deal of hate and fear, which are the opposites of divine Love. This state of thinking is not something to be desired, but something to be put off. Christian Science teaches that whatever is worth having, whether it be health, holiness, happiness, strength, or wisdom, must exist as divine thoughts or ideas, because God, the only cause, could only create ideas or divine thoughts. Is man less real because he is in reality divinely mental and exists as a divine idea or as one of God's individual thoughts, and because he obtains and retains his health, holiness, happiness—all that is necessary to his well-being—by way of divine ideas? Or is it better to believe that man cannot gain health, holiness, or happiness by way of indestructible divine ideas, but by way of an illusory material condition, which is constantly at the mercy of false human laws?

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