Signs of the Times

[Dr. W. W. Youngson, as quoted in the Spectator, Portland, Oregon]

The need of American is not for men who can lift great blocks of marble to the fortieth story of some new office building, but men who will lift the level of character—not men who dot the seas with the white level of commerce, but men who in their everyday living exemplity those homely virtures, those old-fashioned verities which in the last analysis alone can bring happiness into life of the individual or build perpetuity in our civilization. ... In the minds of, alas, too many people the modern hero, the successful man, is the one who in a single year can make one hundred thousand coats or five million hose, or make money hand over fist. ... The time has come when we must understand as never before that there is an everlasting difference between making a living and making a life. Life is not a goblet to be making a is a cup to be filled. The great need of American to-day is not for men who will add to the quantity of our materials, but men who will add to the quality of our living.

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January 16, 1926

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