I am grateful to Christian Science for several healings

I am grateful to Christian Science for several healings. The first was the healing of insomnia. In 1915 I was living on a large farm in lowa, and for several months was unable to sleep more than a few hours each week. I consulted our family doctor, who said I was overtaxing my strength and advised a change of climate and complete rest. He said medicine would do no good. Then I began using drugs and whisky; but neither did these give satisfactory results. About that time Christian Science was presented to me, and I decided to give it a trial. I consulted a practitioner, and had a week's treatment with no improvement. Then an aunt sent us an invitation to a Christian Science lecture, and we went. She gave me a treatment before the lecture, but about all I heard were the opening remarks—I slept peacefully through it all. I went to sleep after reaching home, and did not awaken until next afternoon at five o'clock. I awoke rested and refreshed, with a wonderful sense of spiritual uplift.

A few years later I was healed of a broken bone in one of my feet. The full weight of a tractor plow had fallen upon the foot. When I reached home, my wife immediately called a practitioner. By the time he came the foot was badly swollen and the pain intense. After an hour's treatment, however, I felt better and slept fairly well. In the morning I walked to work. Before noon my foot gave me no trouble whatever. There was no discoloration or further swelling. Later, when being fitted by a specialist for arch support, I was told the bone had been broken, but had knitted perfectly. Recently I was healed of fallen arches of four years' standing in a single treatment.

Testimony of Healing
Seven years ago last winter, while we were in the midst of...
January 16, 1926

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