Spiritual Healing

A Very common criticism of Christian Science is that it gives too much time and thought to healing. It was some such statement as this which roused the writer to a sense of the magnitude and far-reaching possibilities of Truth's healing work. In reply to the challenge, the question was asked, "Have you ever thought how meager the Bible, and especially the New Testament, would seem if all the healing incidents and thoughts were eliminated?" Continued study has led to the conviction that the world needs helaing more than all else,—to be made sound, to gain a sense of perfectness,—and that Christian Scientists are most wide-awake when "working and waiting for the establishment of the Science of Mind-healing," to quote Mrs. Eddy's words in the dedicatory inscription of "Rudimental Divine Science." This Mind-healing is much more comprehensive than can be seen at a glance; for it includes the neutralizing of hatred and fear, and readjusts the affairs of nations. It is, furthermore, the gentle balm which unfolds beauty and growth, the divine radiance sweetening, illuminating, and inspiring all true humanhood.

To understand the results of Christian Science healing we must pause to consider its twofold effects, and thus to realize the tremendous impetus for good which has belonged to it in all ages; for it is the same healing that was practiced centuries ago. In the healing of Naaman we are made aware that, apart from the cleansing of the physical body, there was the gaining of a purer mentality. Through obedience and gratitude Naaman returned to Syrai, having gained in true nobility, his sonship with the heavenly Father being reflected in spiritual peace.

Early Shall Ye Praise Him
January 16, 1926

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