So far as I am able, I want to express my gratitude for...

So far as I am able, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful healing power of Christian Science. Recently all three of our little boys, one after another, manifested the symptoms of scarlet fever. There being no practitioner in the town where we live, we kept in telephone communication with one in a near-by city, who worked so lovingly and understanding that in just a day or two the children were free from all signs of the disease except the remainder of a slight rash, which quickly disappeared. No discomfort whatever was experienced, the boys playing together quietly and happily from the first. By the end of the week they were so thoroughly themselves it was difficult to curb their strenuous play indoor occupations. There were none of the so-called after effects commonly looked for. As a girl, before we knew anything of this divine Science, I had been through a siege of this same disease with a younger sister, and that memory formed a sharp contrast to this happy experience.

Words seem entirely inadequate to express the gratitude and happiness of my husband and myself at this manifestation of the loving Father's omnipotence. None of the customary parental anxiety and fear was felt. How could there be, when we knew so surely that God is all-presence? This is only one of the many ways in which Love has blessed us abundantly since we turned to Christian Science for guidance. We are truly grateful for "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and for the wonderful spiritual-mindedness of Mrs. Eddy, who discovered the truth.

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January 16, 1926

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