Love, the True Incentive

Those who have been rescued from sin, sickness, poverty, or other ills of the flesh through the healing efficacy of Christian Science, experience a great sense of gratitude to God and His messenger to this age, Mary Baker Eddy, for their redemption. Uplifted and comforted by these demonstrations of the power of Spirit; happy in the assurance of Immanuel, or "God with us;" aware of their fellow-man's burden of sickness and distress; knowing that they have found the remedy for all the problems that beset mankind, inevitably a great yearning possesses them to be of service in spreading the good news or gospel of Christian Science, that others may likewise experience regeneration and salvation through this knowledge of God's loving presence and power. Even though this thought be unspoken, it is prayer, for it is a right desire; and we know, therefore, that the way will be opened for us to be of service in this great work.

May it not be wise to stop and ponder as to how and by what means we may help to bring about the greatest good to the greatest number? In the first place, to express God, who is divine intelligence, one must be intelligent. By letting that Mind be in us "which was also in Christ Jesus," we do express intelligence. It is not the intelligent thing to work indiscriminately, to make mere statements as to the power of Truth that we may not yet have proved ourselves. Our motives may not be understood or appreciated. Those to whom we would carry the message may not be ready to receive it; and an untimely and precipitate presentation may delay our friends' acceptance of Science. Whereas, if the neophyte would wait and be wise, living Christian Science instead of merely talking it, those to whom he would carry this blessed message would welcome it earlier. Only as we grow in spiritual understanding can we lift others up and out of error's thralldom; in proportion to our understanding will be the measure of our demonstration. Would it not be the part of wisdom, after experiencing healing, for one to strive for more, and still more, understanding of God's laws and how to demonstrate His power?

The Wine in the Cup
January 16, 1926

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