A number of years ago, when Christian Science was...

A number of years ago, when Christian Science was nothing but a name to me, I very suddenly became blind in the right eye. All that I could see was a faintly lighter shade in the day than at night time. When I discovered this condition, I immediately went to the office of the leading eye specialist in the city. After making a careful examination of the eye, he told me that I would never see with the eye again, because I was suffering from atrophy of the optic nerve, and that the only thing to be considered was the saving of the left eye. After a further examination of the left eye, he said, in an ominous tone, that it was not yet affected, with an emphasis on the "yet," giving me to understand that it was probably only a question of time when I might experience the same condition there, and so become totally and incurable blind.

Some time passed, and a number of visits were paid to the specialist, but no improvement was made. Then Christian Science came into my life—not that I took up the study for the sake of the healing, but rather in a critical way, as I had always been interested in the religious thought of the world in a rather academic fashion, and was at that time a communicant of the Episcopal Church. After reading and rereading the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, without definite thought of physical benefit, I began to notice a distinct improvement in the blind eye. A very small spot of light appeared in the center of vision. Then the suggestion of the specialist externalized itself, for the left eye commenced to grow blind. In the meantime, the little spot of light in the right eye grew larger, until I could distinguish objects. This went on for several months, during which time I began to see the connection between my study of Christian Science and the unmistakable improvement in the right eye. Eventually, the sight did almost disappear from the left eye, but, owing to the restoration of the other, I was never altogether bereft of vision.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to add my testimony to the many helpful...
January 16, 1926

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