"As little children"

Who that has beheld the trust, the receptivity to good, the humility and spontaneous joy of a little child, has not realized in some degree the meaning of Jesus' words, "Except ye ... become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven"!

The experience of a little child has helped much to teach the writer the value of the child-qualities. In some unremembered way the child became obsessed with the fear of bears. To go into a dark room or up a dark stairway filled her with terror, fearing as she did that bears were there in the dark. at her very heels ready to seize her at any moment, Finally, one night, as her father stood at her bedside, she confided her fear of bears to him. And oh, the wonderful relief that flooded that child-heart when lovingly assured that there were no bears near her home, nor in the country round about. Fear was replaced with joy; trust and faith in her father's assurance dispelled that old obsession, which was completely left behind.

"He careth for you"
August 8, 1925

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