Signs of the Times

[Bishop Charles H. Brent, in the Christian Century, Chicago, Illinois, Jan. 15, 1925]

It seems to me the moment has come when we feel, both for ourselves and the coming generation, that it is not sufficient to think in terms of mere patriotism or mere loyalty to one's nation. There is something greater. When the recognition of the complete unity of mankind comes, the patriotism of a nation will not have decreased, but will have then, for the first time in all the centuries of this world's history, its full opportunity. Then a nation will not attempt to live for itself, nor attempt to talk in such terms as "my country right or wrong," but every nation will consider itself in relation to every other nation, and there will be an interchange of mutual service. I look for that day as I look for the rising of the morning star.

April 11, 1925

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