Christian Science is Christian, for it is founded wholly on...

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Christian Science is Christian, for it is founded wholly on the Bible; it is scientific because it proves its teachings, in accordance with the dictionary definition of "science" as "provable knowledge." A gentleman states that it offers him "nothing which he cannot obtain in the organized forms of the church;" yet to many thousands who have been given up by the "church" and the medical profession as incurable, it has offered and has given regeneration and health. Not only does it acknowledge "the Jesus of the New Testament," but its students strive to fulfill his whole command, to "heal the sick" as well as to "preach the gospel." Instead of "making his cross an empty and needless demonstration," Christian Science maintains that, as Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (pp. 238, 239), "The cross is the central emblem of history. It is the lodestar in the demonstration of Christian healing,—the demonstration by which sin and sickness are destroyed." The main effect of Christian Science is the destruction of sin; and it certainly does not travesty any word of Jesus on that subject. Need I say that it does not "regard God's Word like a conjuring book or a jig-saw puzzle," is not "irreverent," does not "deny any creditable evidence" nor "the realities of Christian experience;" for how, with such denials, could it become "a great church and a great organization," as the gentleman admits it has become in a part of his article. The critic concludes that "Christian Science is a kind of beautiful idealism run mad." The most beautiful idealism in the world is Christ Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. For years it has been thought largely unpractical, and it is largely due to Christian Science that the world is wakening to the error of such a belief.

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