My first healing in Christian Science was almost instantaneous

My first healing in Christian Science was almost instantaneous. I was healed of appendicitis and other minor ailments. I had done everything any one suggested, besides doctoring with six different physicians for several years. They all expressed the same opinion,—that it would be impossible for me to be well and strong without an operation. I went to a hospital with the intention of having the operation, but decided to wait a while longer, only to experience another attack, much worse than any previous one.

I had a relative who visited a Christian Scientist. In their conversation I was mentioned, the Scientist asking why I did not try Christian Science. The relative came home and told me what had been said. As I had never heard of Christian Science I did not know just what was meant; but the seed of Truth was sown. In a few days I had another very bad attack. I called up one of the kind physicians who for years had had so much patience with me and asked him to do something for me, but he said there was nothing for me but an operation. I thanked him, and hung up the telephone receiver. In my despair I cried out, "O God, what shall I do?" And the answer to prayer was there, for the thought came to me: Why don't you try Christian Science? You can have help if others can. I immediately called up the Scientist mentioned before, and asked for help. Not knowing what Christian Science was, I did not know just what to expect. I was impressed with the first thing she said,—namely, "I will try, but you know God is the healer." In about ten minutes the pain had all left me. I arose, dressed, and walked four blocks to spend the evening with some friends. I have never had the slightest trouble in that way since.

Testimony of Healing
Twelve years ago I was healed of compound astigmatism,...
April 11, 1925

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