In your issue of recent date there appears a synopsis of...

Kent Herald

In your issue of recent date there appears a synopsis of an address on Christian Science. It is called "a lucid exposition of Christian Science;" but how can this be when the reverend critic himself believes, as he admitted in speaking on the subject, that it is "wholly elusive"? The acknowledgment rendered him incapable of speaking intelligently on the subject; and this is evident from what he said. It is quite untrue to say that Mrs. Eddy, after her discovery of Christian Science, "sought advice of a physician for many of her ailments," as asserted by our critic.

Our critic evidently does not discern the distinction that Christian Science makes between the physical, human Jesus and the spiritual, invisible Christ, who existed before the world was, and who is with us to-day and always will be, as Jesus declared. Christ Jesus came into the world to save mortals from belief in sin, which he proved unreal. Since God is All-in-all and infinite Spirit, to believe in anything apart from Him and His spiritual manifestation must be sin. Christ is the Son of God, which shone through the human Jesus as light shines through a windowpane. This spiritual light of the world, or Christ, never suffered. It will be seen, therefore, that Christian Science does not deny the existence of the Christ. It asserts and demonstrates the existence of the Christ more than any other religion to-day. It believes in and understands the meaning of the resurrection, and it does not "blaspheme" the Holy Ghost, but recognizes it as "the Spirit of truth," which our Master said would guide us "into all truth."

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