Letters of Appreciation of The Christian Science Monitor

"I want to express my appreciation of your paper, and the gratitude I feel that there is one newspaper which one may pick up and read without fearing the eye will fall on some unsavory and unwelcome bit of news. I am grateful that there is one paper which upholds the Eighteenth Amendment and is willing to show and to prove the good that it is doing for the country in general. Also, I am glad that there are people who believe that animals should be treated kindly, and are doing all in their power to stop unnecessary cruelty to those creatures which often manifest more of the attributes of the creator than do some men. I am quite in love with 'Snubs'; and when his 'Diary' came out in book form I immediately purchased copies for three little friends of mine. I was more than pleased with the books, and feel that they will go a long way toward teaching children the value of animal friendships. The charm of the Home Forum and Children's pages, and the knowledge and information gained from the other portions of the Monitor, cannot be excelled.

"Truly a paper of this sort is a blessing to the world, and a cup of cold water to those who are tired of the pessimistic and evil outlook of most of the newspapers."

"He is risen"
April 11, 1925

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