"Freely give"

MAN, the real, spiritual man, reflects God. As God's image and likeness, his true function is to express God's goodness, power, and love. Our great Master has said, "Freely ye have received, freely give;" and to none other is this more applicable than to Christian Scientists. Surely none have received more freely; and therefore none should be more ready to share their manifold blessings with others. Our revered Leader has told us that "within the wide channels of The Mother Church" there is "dutiful and sufficient occupation for all its members" (Church Manual, p. 45); and as we are awake to the many opportunities therein for loving services, we become increasingly grateful for the way in which wisdom led our Leader.

Error would try to make us unmindful of these privileges, and thus hinder not only our individual advancement, but the growth of our beloved Cause as well. One becomes a musician by constant practice; and we become Christian Scientists by practicing what we have learned of good. We should welcome every opportunity to share that which has so greatly enriched our lives, in order to bring a blessing others. When a pebble is dropped into water in a vessel, it starts concentric waves, which go on and on until they reach the side of the vessel. So, a loving deed or a kind word spoken goes forth to bless humankind. We can place no limit on its power; for it is of God, and is bound to bring forth fruit in healing and redemption.

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