Christian Scientists are charitable towards their critics,...

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Christian Scientists are charitable towards their critics, because they recognize the fact that often the critics look at Christian Science through the distorting lens of prejudiced scholasticism, and from the standpoint of materialistic hypotheses, an attitude which precludes a correct concept of the subject. Christ Jesus faced the same condition of thought, which caused him to say of his critics that, having eyes, they saw not, and having ears, they heard not. Christian Science, being based on the Bible, teaches that God is Spirit, is good in nature and expression, is infinite divine Truth, the source of all that is true and real. Consistent with that premise, Christian Science deduces the spiritual fact that all evil, including sickness, sorrow, and death, is unreal, and is from Satan, defined by Christ Jesus as a liar and the father of lies. Sin, sickness, discord, and death seem very real to the erring human senses, but these senses do not testify of Spirit, Truth, or of the spiritual man of God's creating. Writing on page 495 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy logically states: "If sickness is true or the idea of Truth, you cannot destroy sickness, and it would be absurd to try. Then classify sickness and error as our Master did, when he spoke of the sick, 'Whom Satan hath bound,' and find a sovereign antidote for error in the life-giving power of Truth acting on human belief, a power which opens the prison doors to such as are bound, and sets the captive free physically and morally."

Instead of denying the divine sonship of Christ Jesus, Christian Science advances the teaching that the Christ is "the only begotten of the Father;" and it does this from the standpoint of reason and revelation, and not of blind faith. Furthermore, Christian Science clearly elucidates the Scriptural teaching about Christ and Jesus, pointing out that the Christ is the divine idea, with which Jesus' thought was so anointed and imbued that he thereby earned and was accorded the divine title of Christ Jesus. The Master referred to this when he said, "Lo, I am with you alway;" and Christian Science is verifying the ever-presence and availability of the Christ by presenting the fruits of discipleship demanded by Jesus; for by means of the applied understanding of Christian Science the sick are healed, the sorrowing are comforted, and those dead in trespasses and sins are spiritually quickened and enlightened, and are thus saved through regeneration of thought, aim, and living.

February 28, 1925

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