My attention has been called to a reference to Christian Science...


My attention has been called to a reference to Christian Science which appeared in your issue of recent date. The item in question is the synopsis of a sermon delivered by an evangelist, who is reported to have said: "There has never been a healing from Christian Science, and I defy any man or woman to bring me one. Mary Baker Eddy says there is no such thing as sin." In reply to this challenge, I give the following testimony of a naval officer who is a resident of Portsmouth: "My first personal experience with Christian Science healing occurred after some years spent in the tropics. I had contracted a chronic tropical disease and my condition was considered so serious that I was warned to the effect that I could not live another year if I remained in the tropics. All that materia medica could do was done, and I am sincerely grateful to the doctors for their efforts in my behalf,—but the disease remained. After my return to this country it was proved to me that change of climate is not an effective remedy, as I was again attacked by the old complaint, only this time the attack seemed more serious than any previous one. The doctors were unable to relieve me, so after some days of suffering I called upon a distant Christian Science practitioner for aid. To my joy and amazement the response was immediate. I got up from bed and returned to my work. I had been instantaneously healed through absent treatment. In our home Christian Science has also healed measles, whooping cough, jaundice, and many other complaints. Only last night a case of fever was healed through Christian Science in less than one hour."

I also submit the following testimony of a resident of Cradock: "About twenty-five years ago two physicians said I must have an operation immediately to remove one of my organs which had not functioned properly for several years. At that time Christian Science was brought to my notice and I was quickly healed of the need of an operation. Since that time I have depended absolutely on Christian Science, and it has met my every need."

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