Cultivating Spiritual Abilities

The experience of a student of Christian Science is at times not unlike that of a wayfarer pursuing his journey through a valley enshrouded in the mists of early morning. The traveler knows that the hills are present on each side, though he cannot see them; and he sees the road opening before him little by little as he trudges patiently onward. He knows that the mist can offer no real hindrance to his progress, that he will ultimately emerge from it; and if, perchance, he be delayed, and night overtake him on his journey, he is certain that should he but reach some crest of the road the mist will be less opaque,—for the mists of earth ever cling closely to the ground,—and then he will be able to look up and see, though it be but faintly, the tranquil and unchanging stars.

If the wayfarer had the spiritual understanding and vision of the Way-shower he is following, his sense of existence and of progress would be divested of all material accompaniment and impediment; he would be ever conscious of eternal realities. But while he patiently and persistently seeks to acquire the consciousness of the possession of these desirable and indispensable spiritual abilities, the pilgrim may pursue happily his onward way sustained and strengthened by the confidence that he will ultimately leave behind him all that obscures his vision of the Christ.

"The genius of Christian Science"
February 7, 1925

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