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I had been searching for God for many years, first in...

I had been searching for God for many years, first in one denomination and then in another. In between, there were times when I would throw everything religious aside and live with no thought for the morrow, which conduct I would justify as follows: Others live without God and enjoy life, why should not I? But there always remained an inner dissatisfaction.

Then came the hard years of war, and with them distress. My heart became affected, and I suffered from nervous headaches and severe rheumatism. I had many kinds of treatments, but all in vain; and finally, not having the courage to try a new cure, I let go of everything. My nearest relatives passed on, and I was thoroughly discouraged. Then in November, 1921, a friend drew my attention to Christian Science. She suggested that I write to a Christian Scientist and empty my heart to him. At first I read pamphlets, then the passages pointed out to me in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy; and now I study the textbook every free minute I have.

April 19, 1924

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