In a recent communication on "The Power of Suggestion"...


In a recent communication on "The Power of Suggestion" a statement was made to the effect that the healing work of Christian Science is a product of suggestion. Nothing could be more misleading or farther from the truth about Christian Science healing. The term "suggestion" relates to the effort of the so-called human mind to control another human mind, either for evil, or in a misguided attempt to do good. In Christian Science practice, the divine Mind, God, must be recognized as supreme, as possessing all power, presence, law, as absolutely good, overcoming evil of every nature, including the erroneous conditions of human belief named sin and sickness.

Those who use suggestion believe that, while it may have a beneficial effect when desired, it can also be used for selfish ends or to accomplish evil purposes. In every case the attempt is made to subjugate mentally those whose control is sought, thus robbing them of free will. In the utilization of Truth, of the divine Mind, as in the healing prayer of Christian Science, it is utterly impossible to work for selfish purposes or evil ends. Christian Science teaches, furthermore, in accord with Scriptural admonition, that spiritualmindedness is the only defense against the despotism of the carnal mind. Its faithful students find themselves able to resist and overcome successfully the mesmeric suggestions of evil.

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