An editorial in a recent issue makes kindly reference to...


An editorial in a recent issue makes kindly reference to Christian Scientists as effecting many cures, and to Christian Science as teaching cheerfulness. Kindly permit me to say that Christian Science could do much more in this respect, even in helping along the good purposes of an editorial, in making people more cheerful and happy, if it were better understood.

The statement that Christian Scientists are "working without regard to science in the real sense of the word," is due to a misapprehension. It may be asked, What is "science in the real sense of the word"? The word "science" has been applied to almost every conceivable kind of teaching, and it is easy to differ regarding its meaning. Is science material? The medical doctor is frank in admitting that the practice of material medicine is not based upon an exact science. A great mathematician has said that mathematics, which every one admits is an exact science, has not a leg to stand on that is not purely metaphysical.

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