Sane Living

Christianity is sane, because it is the expression of that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus." It is well balanced, because it rests on a sure foundation,—God's law. Christianity is in an environment in the world to-day which is antagonistic to it; it is judged by the world's standards, and this, notwithstanding the error of those standards. So Christian Scientists must watch that they do not try to conform their living to the approval of the world. To be true followers of the Christ, the Ten Commandments must be obeyed, and this obedience loved; the two great commandments given by the Master must be our guidance.

Christianity is divinely natural. It is true that it is contrary to sensuous living, for it demands ascension above all the desires of the flesh into spiritualized consciousness. Christianity is the acceptance and living of the Christ, Truth, here upon earth. There is nothing abnormal in this; for it is the endeavor to express God's goodness to men. When it is brought into our lives, we become rightly sane and balanced in wisdom.

"We shall see him as he is"
November 15, 1924

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