Receiving and Giving versus Getting and Withholding

To the earnest Christian Scientist, striving daily for a higher understanding of Truth, the words "giving," "getting," "receiving," "withholding," have a contrasted meaning which enlarges with continued thought. Giving may be said to mean, spiritually, the bestowal, in thought, of truth or good; while getting signifies obtaining, acquiring, holding. Christian Science is concerned with giving expression to spiritual ideas, which are in the divine Mind in illimitable profusion. The one who is thus engaged is always receiving in return; for his consciousness is open, because of his desire to express good. Contrariwise, the continual effort to get, indicating a deficiency or absence of good, results in closing the human consciousness to the ideas of divine Mind.

At the beginning, we must know that we cannot demonstrate Truth with a limited, corporeal, or selfish concept of the One who is limitless, incorporeal, divine Love. Every moment of our day, and every portion of our consciousness, must be filled with the psalm of praise articulating what God is and what He means to man. God is immeasurable, immutable Mind,—the only Mind; He is invariable Love, our Father-Mother; He is omnipresent, truth-giving Spirit; He is the Supreme Being, without beginning or end.

"Love is our refuge"
November 24, 1923

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