Christian Science first came to my attention when, as a...

Christian Science first came to my attention when, as a young girl, I visited a relative in a city where its teachings had been established. Indeed, at that time I experienced a healing. I had been suffering for some months with severe indigestion and had been under a doctor's care. The second day of my visit, after some explanation of Christian Science had been given me and treatment received, I realized that I was perfectly well and could eat anything set before me without any after effect of suffering. I thought this very wonderful; and from that time on I knew that the teachings of Christian Science embraced nothing but good. However, I was satisfied with the church to which I belonged, loved its services, and took an active part in its work; and while, as I have said, I knew Christian Science to be all good, I put it aside for a more "convenient season," with the feeling that in any event I could not live up to its requirements.

The years went on; and having moved to a large city I led a very busy life for nearly twenty years, enjoying in all that time almost perfect health, missing less than a fortnight from my duties during that period through illness. Then quite suddenly there came a severe nervous collapse, accompanied by extreme exhaustion. I need not dwell on the distressing symptoms; only those who have had a like experience can understand what one seems called upon to endure. Finding that the rest which I had been advised to take was proving of no benefit, after several weeks I struggled back to my duties, clinging to the thought always that only God could give me strength to perform them; and this strength was given in the most wonderful way from day to day. A few months later I was called upon to give up my position and assume new duties; and still feeling very much exhausted and depressed, I returned to my old home, where, living quite near me, I found a friend who was an earnest student of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
The healing of one of my sisters, several years ago, of a...
November 24, 1923

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