As one who has had the mental companionship of Christian Science...

As one who has had the mental companionship of Christian Science through the years of adolescence and has used it through five years of college student life, I am happy to be able to testify of what this religion of divine Principle can mean to a young man during these formative periods.

Something of the manner in which my parents and I groped for a solid footing in the understanding of Life is hinted in the fact that before I was fourteen years old I had been under the teachings of four divergent churches or sects. If one is inclined to wonder what the universe is and for what purpose he is in it, his early years, under any system of thinking less comprehensive than Christian Science, are likely to be mentally discomforting. It was, therefore, as a philosophy which could explain all existence from the consistent and rational basis of spiritual reasoning that this Science appealed to me. The sense of satisfaction, comfort, and security I have had in feeling thus firmly established in a system broad enough to answer all my needs has more than rewarded, and still rewards, the time I have spent in its study. Some of these rewards have been in the shape of physical healing. Through Christian Science I have been freed of sick headaches, which were becoming chronic, and have been healed of earache and influenza.

Testimony of Healing
One great healing in my life stands out so clearly and...
November 24, 1923

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