"The Prince of Peace"

Throughout all time mankind has been yearning for peace—peace that would render it secure from the claims of evil. Likewise, throughout many generations, this call has been rejected by the multitudes and accepted only by the few. The multitudes listened not to Moses, nor to the prophets; nor were they persuaded, later, though one rose from the dead.

To-day, as of yore, the great concern of mankind is, How can we learn really to trust each other? How can we best establish peace? How can we establish for all time "on earth peace, good will toward men"? Although the remedy has always been at hand, and is presented to-day more clearly than ever before, regardless of multitudinous proofs of the ever present power of the Christ, and the blessings which come to those who walk in its name and nature in fulfillment of the promises that "these signs shall follow them that believe,"—in spite of all this, doubt and fear still seem to hold the children of the world in their grasp. Though men are startled at the signs of the times, many of them appear to look all the more assiduously to the physicians, the physicists, the magicians, the astrologers, the sorcerers,—aye, even to the politicians,—only to find more perplexing problems that to their sense seem beyond control.

Effective Service of the Church Usher
October 27, 1923

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