I wish to relate an experience which came to me about...

I wish to relate an experience which came to me about two years ago. During the war I was one of many thousands of girls in government work in Washington, and outside of working hours I found many pleasant attractions to take up my time. Through different organizations we were urged to attend dances and other social affairs, as our part towards entertaining the many men in service stationed in and around Washington; and, as I enjoyed dancing very much, I spent more and more time at camp dances and public dance halls, until I averaged three nights a week spent in this way. Consequently, my reading and study of Christian Science were neglected; however, I let nothing interfere with my attendance at church. I sometimes felt that I should study more, but there did not seem to be much time for it; and as I was well and happy I felt more or less satisfied.

This condition continued for some time; but at last divine Love forced me to awaken from this false sense of pleasure. I became very nervous, and turned to my books for help. The nervousness improved, but another condition appeared which later developed into a very severe case of blood poisoning in both my hands. I then had absent treatments from a practitioner from home. Some trying experiences with government doctors and nurses were passed through, but I insisted that I would have nothing but Christian Science. Two weeks later I went home, as I was unable to care for myself, it being necessary to have my hands bandaged all the time. The physical healing was not rapid. The pain was intense and constant for about six weeks; but during it all I was being healed mentally of all the errors which through my neglected in keeping awake to the truth had crowded in upon me, until I was forced to awaken through physical suffering. During these weeks I learned more of God and my relation to Him, and was healed of a sense of loneliness.

I learned "to exchange the pleasures and pains of sense for the joys of Soul," as Mrs. Eddy tells us, in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 390), Truth will compel us all to do; and that no true sense of happiness can be lost in this exchange. The sense of joy and freedom which came with my recovery was beyond words. I am truly very grateful for Christian Science, for the loving work of Mary Baker Eddy, and for our faithful practitioners.

Testimony of Healing
Twenty years ago, I fell one morning on my way to business;...
July 1, 1922

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