There are few more pregnant words in the Bible than those of John, "Now are we the sons of God." A clear apprehension of the full significance of the words holds for mankind relief from the bondage of the flesh with its ills and discords, and entry into the heaven so much desired, but so little understood.

In the past, the "now" has meant little to mankind, except as a stepping stone to something else called the future. Infancy, through the thought of the parent, is ever approaching the day when the swaddling clothes will be laid aside; youth is ever yearning for emancipation from parental and school authority; manhood is ever reaching out to maturity and the fullness of human power and achievement; maturity gazes into the mists for the days of rest and surfeit; and, finally, age stands wondering, waiting, expectant of what is to be. Throughout it all have gone on a doubting and a hoping about the heaven that is to be, where those things which in the material "now" so harass and perplex, are no more.

Error Destroyed
July 1, 1922

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