I wish to relate an experience I had more than twenty...

I wish to relate an experience I had more than twenty years ago. I fell backward about forty-five feet from a building which was under construction, and as I reached the ground I struck a mortar box. I landed with the small of my back on the edge of the mortar box plank. I lost consciousness, and was picked up and carried into a building near by. It was quite a while before I regained consciousness. The men employed with me then informed me of my fall, as I did not know what had happened to me. I was later put into a carriage with two men who assisted me; and we drove to my home, a distance of about five miles. My employer insisted on sending a physician to the house from the insurance company. When the physician arrived, my wife met him at the door and told him that we did not wish his services, as we were believers in Christian Science. He insisted on seeing me, and after entering the room asked me to stand up. I did so with great difficulty. He then permitted me to lie down on a couch. He seated himself on a chair and began asking me questions, but made no physical examination. When he left he said, "I have examined you by questioning you, and you will be glad to send for me in two hours." My wife never left the room while the doctor was there, but remained to deny silently all the so-called laws he voiced.

After the doctor left we asked help from our teacher, a Christian Science practitioner; and in ten days I rode my bicycle to the aforesaid building, and attended to my duties as usual. My recovery was a marvel to those associated with me. The injuries I received were: a dislocated shoulder, which went back into place the second day without any human hand touching it; one finger was badly lacerated; my back up to the waist was black and blue (it was predicted that it was in a serious condition), but this disappeared gradually, and I have never felt any ill effect from it. Perhaps I would better state here that the doctor mentioned was never called upon. The healing was due entirely to Christian Science.

We have had many other healings in Christian Science, covering a period of over thirty years. It has aided us in working out of financial difficulties as well as physical disorders; and both my wife and I are very grateful to God for having led us into Christian Science, and to our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, to whom we owe constant and sincere obedience. We are endeavoring to heed every word she has left for our guidance to eternal life.

Testimony of Healing
In writing this testimony for our periodicals, my thought ...
July 1, 1922

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