Twenty years ago, I fell one morning on my way to business;...

Twenty years ago, I fell one morning on my way to business; but felt no ill effects at the time, with the exception of a sprained ankle, which lasted only a few days. Four or five months later, however, I began to walk with great difficulty; and during the following year I consulted many physicians and specialists, and a number of X-ray pictures were taken; but the trouble could not be located. The foot gradually became so deformed that I walked on the ankle joint. I finally sought the advice of a Johns Hopkins' surgeon, who decided to operate; and it was found that I had been walking on a compound fracture, with the bones scattered through the foot. The surgeon stated that the operation was only an experiment, being the only one of the kind on record; and that the following six months would prove whether it was a success or not. A year and a half later, conditions were growing worse; and I was sent West as a last resort.

One evening, several months later, I was sitting alone, the picture of hopelessness and discouragement. I felt that I could no longer endure the suffering, which had not left me day or night for three years; and, just a few days before, the uncle who had taken me to his home in Nebraska had wept over my condition, realizing that I was growing weaker day by day. Suddenly I overheard him in an adjoining room relating to an out-of-town guest a wonderful healing of a friend of his through Christian Science. Instantly, the thought came to me that I need not be discouraged because the physicians could do no more for me, as there was nothing impossible to God. I went to my uncle and told him that

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
July 1, 1922

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