Three years ago my mother, who was then ninety-six...

Three years ago my mother, who was then ninety-six years old, was very ill with the grippe. For over a week she could not retain any nourishment, even water causing extreme nausea; and she was very weak. Christian Science treatments were given very faithfully. We had much fear to overcome, as all our friends and neighbors said, "You cannot expect her to get well at her age." Twice she seemed to be passing away; but each time the practitioner was called, and life was manifested immediately. After two weeks she began to gain rapidly, and was entirely healed. She is still well and happy, and very active, going down stairs to her meals three times a day. I am very grateful for this proof of God's goodness.

I also wish to express my gratitude for a healing which came to me a few years ago. I was taken very suddenly ill with neuritis in both arms. I was in such pain that I walked the floor. I could not raise either arm above my waist. A practitioner was called and a treatment given. At the end of an hour, another call was made and another treatment given. After this I went to sleep and slept all night. The next day I was much better but not entirely well, so treatment was continued for a week. At the end of this time I was entirely free; and the trouble has never returned.

Testimony of Healing
I am deeply grateful for Christian Science
June 17, 1922

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