Christian Science has nothing whatsoever in common...

Columbus Citizen

Christian Science has nothing whatsoever in common with spiritualism. Mrs. Eddy, in her book "No and Yes" (p. 13), has stated, "No greater opposites can be conceived of, physically, morally, and spiritually, than Christian Science, spiritualism, and theosophy." The Christian Science church is the one church in the world which is accepting and proving true the whole Christianity of Christ Jesus. Neither speculative opinion nor human belief enters into the Science of Christianity as taught in Christian Science, nor do we accept or believe the theory that one person can control another against his will. Christian Science teaches that God alone controls man, and that it is possible to so realize one's unity with God as to be able to utilize this control under any and all circumstances. Christian Science makes plain the fact that as God is All and God is Spirit, there can be but one Spirit, because there is but one God. God's children, here and hereafter, are like Him, hence spiritual. To realize and understand this fact—and Christian Science is daily teaching thousands of its followers how to do this—means that it is becoming easier for us to realize that now and always we live and move and have our being in closest possible union with God, even as Paul said. Christian Scientists esteem all honest people and love them. We do not approve of religious controversy, and we make this statement solely for the purpose of giving your readers the facts.

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