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Giving Testimony

From the July 24, 1920 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

When our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, provided that all Christian Science churches should hold Wednesday evening meetings, she made it possible for everyone who has been benefited by Christian Science to give to others a "reason of the hope that is in" him, a measure of the joy that has come to him through the application of the rules of divine Principle, as taught in the Christian Science textbook. It behooves each one of us who wishes to have his share in fulfilling the purpose of these meetings, to remember that many times there are present at the services people who are listening for the first time to testimonies of Christian Science healing, perhaps some who have not read any of the authorized literature of the movement, and who, therefore, will not understand some of the expressions that are so familiar to Scientists themselves that unconsciously they use them so freely as to confuse the thought of those who are not accustomed to hear them used in a Christianly scientific way.