It is over eighteen years since a nerve specialist told us...

It is over eighteen years since a nerve specialist told us that there was no hope for me; that I had creeping paralysis, and if I had any preparations to make it would be better not to wait, for I was a doomed woman. When we left the doctor's office in deepest grief, my husband asked, "What can we do?" I replied that I was going to a Christian Science practitioner. Gladly he accompanied me, for we had a friend who had been healed, in a few days, of an ailment of twelve years' standing. Whereas nothing but gloom had been given us before, the practitioner answered my question as to whether she could heal me, with the sweet words of assurance that while she could not, she knew God could. How good that sounded to me! I had always been taught to know God as my Father, and as a God to be trusted, thought I had never realized the fullness of His love. I asked for treatment, and in seven days was perfectly healed.

Not only was I healed of this trouble, but I was greatly helped in other ways. For twelve years I had worn glasses for extreme near-sightedness; in the second treatment I laid them aside and have not worn them since. Very severe throat affection has been overcome; colds, heart trouble, and extreme weakness have given place to perfect health; while broken bones, burns, scalds, headaches, and many other physical inharmonies have been overcome in Christian Science. This blessed truth has been our solace during great seeming injustice. At a time when all material supply was swept away, Love proved abundant in every way, and no good thing was lacking. We came out of this cloud knowing our Father's nearness, and with a love in our hearts for Him and for our fellow men, that we had never known before. We have gone through all sorts of epidemics without fear, although our place many times seemed to be where fear was the thickest. At one time I held for some hours a little child infected with smallpox, but was not harmed, and the child was beautifully healed.

Testimony of Healing
With much gratitude for the many good things I have...
February 21, 1920

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