When I think of the innumerable blessings which I have...

When I think of the innumerable blessings which I received in the seven years of my study of Christian Science, I hardly know where to begin to relate them. From my earliest recollections I had never known what it was to have health and strength, and there was hardly a spring that I escaped becoming so weak and emaciated that I could hardly get around. Many physicians had told me that I had anæmia. I felt as though I weighed several hundred pounds instead of less than a hundred. This heavy, done-out feeling extended to every part of my body; the tongue and jaws would become so tired that I would have to stop several times during a meal to rest them. This condition clung to me, and many others were added, during the years that followed; in fact, every organ of my body was seemingly involved except the lungs. These troubles together with others threw me into a terrible mental state. I had been in this mental condition three months when I heard of Christian Science, and I shall always feel that I was divinely led to it.

I went to a practitioner and took my first treatment in September, 1911. For over two months I was treated, with but slight improvement physically and with no change mentally; so I went to the lady one day intending to give it up, not that I doubted God's power to heal, or the testimonies that I had and read, but I kept thinking that owing to this mental condition God would not heal me. I have learned long since that this was a limiting thought and the very thing that kept me in bondage.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that I would not be showing my gratitude to God...
August 16, 1919

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