The clergyman whose remarks regarding Christian Science...

Calgary (Alberta) Herald

The clergyman whose remarks regarding Christian Science have been published in the Herald asks, "Wherein lies the attractiveness of Christian Science?" His question deserves a better answer than the one he gave. It is indeed true, as he says, that Christian Science is "a rebound from the old-fashioned soulless materialism," but this statement scarcely begins to tell what Christian Science is, and it falls very far short of answering his own question. The attractiveness of Christian Science lies in the fact that it has brought to this age an understanding and realization of the ever presence of the Christ, healing disease, destroying sin, bringing salvation from human woe. Speaking of the attractive power of the Christ, the Master said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."

The critic makes a serious mistake when he associates Christian Science with suggestion. Christian Science treatment is the utilization of the power of divine Mind, God, through the prayer of spiritual understanding. Suggestion is the offspring of the so-called carnal mind, which, as Paul says, "is enmity against God." Mrs. Eddy did not make use of suggestion, nor did she teach its use; on the contrary, she has throughout her writings consistently condemned its use as baneful and wholly to be avoided.

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