No Lack of Time

We often hear the remark, "I cannot find time to study the Lesson-Sermon each day." This brings to thought an experience which proved beyond a doubt the old saying that whatever we really desire to do we can always find time for. When a very young student of Christian Science, the writer was called upon to face what seemed to human sense a very difficult problem. With an invalid husband to care for and many household and other duties to perform, eight hours of the day had to be given to office work, as a necessary consequence of having to act as the breadwinner for the family, and many times mortal sense tried to argue that there was no time for the study of the Lesson-Sermon because there was so much material work to be done. She had, however, received a wonderful physical healing through Christian Science only a short time previous to this, and the heart hunger to learn more of the truth about the Principle which had wrought such a wonderful cure was so great that every obstacle which would tend to interfere was overcome, and time was found not only for the reading of the Lesson-Sermon but for a perusal of other authorized Christian Science literature as well.

For the walk to and from the office, a distance of about six blocks, the less traveled streets were chosen, because they afforded a better opportunity opportunity to read while walking, and in this way "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was read morning and evening. At noon, the time being shorter, the walk to and from the office was occupied in pondering the ninety-first psalm or some other helpful Scriptural passage. This prepared her in advance for a busy day at the office and enabled her to perform her work with accuracy and without fatigue. At night, after the household and other numerous duties were finished, the time between that and midnight was spent in the study of the Lesson-Sermon and other literature. During a period of two years this was the daily routine, and by an application of the understanding of Principle which was thus gained thought was lifted above the material environment so far that fatigue was unknown. Not only was fatigue avoided in this way, but friends often marveled at the care-free manner in which each problem was met and mastered, and expressed surprise that anyone could be happy under such seemingly heavy burdens. Jesus said, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light," and Christian Science was teaching this student to make practical the Master's saying in daily experience, enabling her to rise above these difficulties into the realization of their nothingness and of the ever presence and omnipotence of God.

"Salute no man"
August 16, 1919

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