The benefits I have received through the study of Christian Science...

The benefits I have received through the study of Christian Science have been so numerous that I wish to express my sincere gratitude by making some of them known. My admittance into the Army was one of the first demonstrations made. In the first classification of registrants I was turned down as physically unfit and placed in the last class, the fifth. This did not surprise me greatly, as I had been out West for a number of years suffering from tubercular disease. While at this time I was actively engaged in work, I always had fear of a recurrence of the Old condition haunting me whenever I did anything requiring exertion. My doctor advised me in all earnestness against attempting to get into the Army.

Several months later, however, I was led to learn the power of Truth over the illusion of sickness when my sister and I were healed of sore throat, and a friend was cured of influenza, through the aid of a Christian Science practitioner. These demonstrations were all made within the same week, after material means had been tried in vain. In the succeding months a number of demonstrations followed and I found myself rid of glasses and free from fear of any penalty of sickness for doing what was my duty; so upon having another physical examination I was put into class A-1 and entered the service in July, 1918. Though I had been five years without any violent exertion, I went through the five weeks of intensive training at camp in a hot climate with no ill effects whatsoever. On our trip across the ocean I was protected from the so-called epidemic, though men all around me were suffering from it. Up to the time of writing this testimony I have never been on "sick call" nor failed to report for drill or duty a single day. More than the physical benefits received, however, is the spiritual uplift a cause for gratitude. Time and again the refuge of divine, ever present Love has enabled me to rise above conditions of inharmony manifested as impatience, anger, homesickness, and the like.

Testimony of Healing
It is ten years since I experienced my first healing in...
August 16, 1919

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