"Salute no man"

Jesus' admonition to the seventy as he sent them forth to a harvest that was plenteous though the laborers were few, includes this caution: "Salute no man by the way." At first glance this command might perplex a student with the feeling that such a course would be discourteous or even prevent the lending of a helping hand. An explanation of the meaning of the custon of saluting a man by the way, however, not only will serve to explain away this difficulty but will point to a spiritual meaning of great import to Christian Scientists.

The customs in Syria to-day, a writer of that country tells us, are very much as they were in the time of Jesus. Travelers making long journeys are accustomed to stop anyone one whom they meet journeying along the way, and greet him with the very effusive greeting of the far East. This includes not only asking concerning each other's health and family but also the occupation, age, friends, likes and dislikes, until they become thoroughly acquainted with the inner history and even personal animosities of each other. Therefore it is easy to imagine why this caution was given by the Master, and how earnestly he must have given it. The precious truth, the realization of God's power and presence, with which these laborers were filled, must be meditated upon to the exclusion of the chaff of idle gossip, for it is "he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High," in the realization of spiritual verities, who shall be able to "tread upon the lion and adder" of sin, sickness, and all evil.

The Dawn
August 16, 1919

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