Purification of Thought

Christian Science opens the door through which mankind may emerge from an earthly sense of existence into the realm of pure thinking,—the kingdom of heaven. Having found the way out of false beliefs, the student beholds the illumined pathway and awakens to know that he was drawn thitherward by the voice of Truth. The natural desire of mankind to live and enjoy harmony is clarified by the attraction of Spirit, and obeying this call it is lifted above the mist of conflict to find a more settled, peaceful consciousness.

One of the first lessons a student of Christian Science learns is to distinguish between that which is true and that which is false; that which is real, or purely spiritual, as opposed to that which is unreal, or material. In the degree that he thus discriminates in his thinking between the absolute facts of Mind and the concepts of finite sense, can it be said that he is appropriating the substance of the revelation of scientific Christianity as revealed to us in the inspired writings of Mrs. Eddy.

August 16, 1919

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