I feel that I would not be showing my gratitude to God...

I feel that I would not be showing my gratitude to God if I did not let others know of the many blessings I have received through Christian Science. About eight years ago I was healed of many ailments and I have enjoyed life to a greater extent since gaining a better understanding of what Christian Science is to me and to all who try to live it in daily life. I have been able to overcome many ailments for myself and my family and have always been thankful to be able to get help when I needed it from a practitioner. Through persistent work on my part and the help of a faithful practitioner a nervous trouble was overcome when I had felt that the "last enemy" was staring me in the face.

At another time I fell and dislocated my hip. I was picked up by a stranger and helped to the home of a Christian Science practitioner, about a block and a half away. I crawled up the steps on my hands and knees and when I got in I stretched myself on the floor, as the pain was so intense. Treatment was begun immediately, and the third day I walked to my home, a distance of eight blocks. Each day after that I did my work and in a week was entirely free. In February, 1918, I fell and broke my arm at the wrist. By the time I got home my hand was so swollen I could scarcely get my mitt off. I had just turned the light on when my son came in. He saw that there was something wrong, so I told him he would have to telephone the practitioner to treat me at once, but instead he got a horse and cutter and took me to the practitioner's home. I did not have any doctor to set the bones, and no bandages or splints were used; but I wrote some letters with the same hand a few days later. A member of the family in the home where I was staying did not know anything about the accident, although I ate my meals at the table every day, until a friend called and asked how I was, saying the account of the accident had been in the paper. In six weeks I went to take care of an elderly lady who was in bed. I had to help lift her and do the work in the home as well.

Testimony of Healing
With a deep sense of gratitude I give this testimony of...
August 16, 1919

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