The New World of Individual Freedom

God guarantees the liberty of His children in perpetuity. The new world is here, and each one of us can enjoy individual freedom within. As every grain among the sands of the sea is one, so every son and daughter of God is one eternally, with identity unbroken through the æons, intelligence forever clear and character unsullied. Our new world need not be made for us by others; it is unveiled to the individual consciousness, wherein it rises out of the mists into full glory. We need not wait for it to be created for us or for our fellows to understand it. Behold, it is here for our continuous delectation.

Who better than Mrs. Eddy has stated the fact of man's imperishable identity? "Is not a man," she writes on page 4 of "Pulpit and Press," "metaphysically and mathematically number one, a unit, and therefore whole number, governed and protected by his divine Principle, God? You have simply to preserve a scientific, positive sense of unity with your divine source, and daily demonstrate this. Then you will find that one is as important a factor as duodecillions in being and doing right, and thus demonstrating deific Principle."

Among the Churches
April 5, 1919

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