Signs of the Times

[Rev. Joseph Fort Newton, S.T.D., in The Universalist Leader]

Always man has felt that he was led by an eternal power, whose mighty hand he can neither resist nor escape, something which he has called fate, force, luck, chance, destiny, God. But he has been long in coming to the faith that this power, residing in and presiding over all things, is benevolent and kind. In every age a few daring souls have held this faith, but only in recent times have large numbers of men come to see that the human career is guided by a gracious hand; that the good is eternal and the evil self-consuming; that truth is mightier than error, and that in the end unrighteousness is cast down. All high faith is hard to hold, but to one looking back over the past it does not seem a matter of doubt that this is the one sure fact rising out of the mists.

April 5, 1919

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