The Christian Science Benevolent Association

The understanding of the vast realm of Truth, as discovered by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, has been given to us, and our progress depends upon our perception and application of this revelation. Included in this spiritual perception is a loving guidance to all Christian Scientists to abide by the laws of divine Love as well as the laws of the land, for the realm into which Jesus commanded his followers to go was "into all the world" to preach the gospel and heal the sick. Our Leader recognized that this preaching and healing was manifested at that time in a compliance with the helpful conditions such as were rendered to the wounded at the wayside by the Samaritan. In Miscellany our Leader touches upon this subject (p. 129): "But the spirit of humanity, ethics, and Christianity sown broadcast—all concomitants of Christian Science—is taking strong hold of the public thought throughout our beloved country and in foreign lands, and is tending to counteract the trend of mad ambition." "The spirit of humanity, ethics, and Christianity" we often feel impels the extending of a loving hand to one who is under a belief of poverty or despair, and it brings to the sufferer the smile of God, which is the healing power, giving him a better understanding of health and of life everlasting.

The activity of this great cause of Christian Science is being felt in the world's affairs through every channel and pore, and Christian Scientists look with joy upon all the achievements in this cause as being the direct demonstration of our beloved Leader. We are awakening constantly to Mrs. Eddy's wonderful vision which came because she talked with God,—her one purpose being to bring a sense of "God with us" to the redemption of the world, to the redemption of all mankind. The wisdom of her leadership will be constantly reflected in the government of this great movement which is destined to encompass all nations, if we will be in some measure as faithful as she has been and if we will listen as intently as she did to "the still small voice" of Principle, or Truth.

"Go unto thine house"
January 25, 1919

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