Effective Literature Distribution

A Great missionary work is being carried on in the world to-day through the distribution of the authorized Christian Science literature, especially when such distribution is the result of a metaphysical understanding of the healing power of Truth. Many committees, many members, and great quantity count for little in the scales of Principle; it is the individual work that counts. The Christian Scientist who would engage in this sacred missionary work must needs have a great love for all mankind, an earnest and sincere desire to share with others this "pearl of great price," and he who understands the divine Principle governing all things, who draws on the one infinite source of wisdom and intelligence for guidance, will prove the most fitting servant in the Master's vineyard.

As members of a Church of Christ, Scientist, it is the privilege and duty of each individual to assist in scientific literature distribution. We know that whole-hearted, unrestricted, and unreserved individual and collective cooperation is essential to progress in this vital work. Can any sum of money, any amount of time or labor expended, be called extravagance or be considered too great a price? Church organizations, recognizing the distribution of literature as a right activity, find it "wisdom, economy, and brotherly love" (Manual, Art. XXIV, Sect. 5) to supply the proper means with which to carry on this noble work. Those intrusted with the sacred duty of directing or serving our organizations in any capacity, include this righteous activity in their understanding of "Church," through a broader and more loving appreciation of our Leader's work and desire.

January 25, 1919

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