I would like to express my appreciation of the blessings...

I would like to express my appreciation of the blessings received through Christian Science. There have been many, many healings in our family. We have four active, normal boys, and while they are wonderfully protected by divine Love from accident and disease, yet when these things do come up they are healed quickly and beautifully through Christian Science treatment. One boy was knocked down by an automobile and had only one tiny blue spot to show he had been hit. Another boy's palate grew to the side of his throat. He was given Christian Science treatment, and several days later when his mouth was examined the palate was straight, and it still is. Locked bowels, a severe form of skin trouble, colds, and fevers have been overcome quickly. The children have had some so-called contagious diseases, but experienced very little discomfort; at times they have shown the first symptoms of an ailment but have been healed before it developed.

I am so grateful for the Sunday school, where children can learn to help each other and themselves. One of our boys had croup every winter. We would call a practitioner and he would get all right, but later the trouble would return. When four years old he had a very severe attack. He had been studying the twenty-third psalm in Sunday school, so was told to repeat this after his father and think what it meant while saying it. At first he could scarcely speak, but at the end was speaking distinctly. He went to sleep and has never had this ailment since.

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January 25, 1919

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