Several years ago while the writer's home was in the country, something occurred which brought to the observer a lesson that can never be forgotten. On the farm, somewhat removed from the modern farmhouse and buildings, stood an old house, deserted and ugly looking. It was hardly worth remodeling, and only the memories which its association with past events gave to the older members of the family kept it from being torn down without delay.

One winter evening we returned home just at sunset, and all had noticed the radiance in the western sky. As we came over the hill in sight of home our attention was directed to the old house, whose every window was aglow with the red light from the sun. To one, at least, the picture was wonderful and full of meaning. The weather-beaten, unsightly appearance of the house had now almost vanished from sight in the presence of this penetrating reflected splendor of the sun's rays. The words of our Leader in "Retrospection and Introspection" (p. 57), "Man shines by borrowed light," were remembered, with a sense of deep gratitude that this little incident held for us a lesson of value—a lesson of transformation.

The Bow in the Cloud
January 25, 1919

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