In commenting on an item recently published by the...

Biddeford (Maine) Journal

In commenting on an item recently published by the Manchester Mirror in regard to Christian Scientists closing their churches in "submission to governmental usages," the statement is made that "the history of the world provides no proof that it (Christian Science) has ever been able to stop an epidemic."

History does not show that the world has ever universally tried Christian Science for epidemics. After nineteen hundred years of Christianity the Master's teaching on this point has not yet been generally accepted. Until Christian Science, which is but the practical application of Christianity, has been accepted and applied, it is decidedly unfair to say that it is not able to stop an epidemic. Those individuals who have accepted it are furnishing abundant proofs that it stops epidemics and other illnesses in their own cases, while it is interesting to observe at this time that submitting to "governmental usages" has not stopped them. The experience of the individual will be found to be the experience of the world when Christian Science is universally understood.

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